Saturday, 3 October 2009


Welcome back everyone, and a big welcome to our first comers!
It was great to see the old faces and the new, and we have a great group this year.
This year we are lucky to have the lovely Noelle helping us out.

I can't wait to get started on our project for the Christmas show, whatever that may entail, although I do have some ideas up my sleeve!
Just a few things to point out for parents.
  • Class now starts at 17.45 and finishes as 18.55.
  • Can you please wait in the corridor, until I open the door, and deliver your son/daughter into your loving arms!
  • Another class starts at 19.00 in that space, so we must be out of there by then.
  • Next class (8th Oct) I will not be there, but Noelle and Jenny will be taking the class.
  • The Christmas show will be performed for friends and family on the 17th Dec at 18.15.
I will be back the following week. Until then, be safe, be fun!