Tuesday, 7 October 2008

First class back

Well, the first drama class of this year went very well, it was lovely to see the old students and meet the new ones. 
We have a great group, and everyone got on so well.  The Mum's also looked like they were having a good time chatting downstairs in the cafe area.

We played lot's of fun games (some easier than others) and then created our own abstract painting, using our bodies.  See attached photo.

The last activity was working around the song Splish Splash that great rock n roll classic by Bobby Darin.
After reading through the lyrics together, (well done those who helped the little ones with their reading) we had a good old sing song, then in small groups we tried to out sing each other, it really started to rock!  
Next week we will begin improvising around the lyrics and creating little scenes around the song.  So kids don't forget to read through the lyric sheet I gave you.

If anyone has any good ideas about the Christmas show please add your comment.

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Mary said...

Not an actual idea -- more like word association -- but I just read How the Grinch Stole Christmas to Caterina and we both enjoyed it. Will try to brainstorm but no promises - brain feels as blank as Sarah Palin's when asked about the economy. Or foreign policy. Or... well, anything other than hunting, it seems.

BTW, Caterina knows about Santa Claus but has been instructed not to let the cat out of the bag (particularly around her cousins).

Solstice thoughts lead me to think of the Age of Aquarius song. Well, I told you I wasn't very inspired!

On another tack, she looked very, very happy last Thursday, all her feedback has been positive, and I'm thrilled that she's in the workshop.

And that's the end of this particular word-association exercise for me.